Service Course is a flat-rate maintenance service for the cycling enthusiast


What we do

Service Course exists to keep your bikes in better shape without the headache and hassle of traditional shop maintenance. As a member you get access to on demand bike maintenance. We will pick up your bike from your home, office, or wherever is convenient for you. We will do a full service routine and replace the chain, tires, and handlebar tape if they are worn. We'll return your bike within 36 hours and get you back in the saddle


We take service seriously and treat your bike the same way we treated the pro team bikes we wrenched on in years past. For each service you request our expert mechanics will:

  • Inspect frame, fork, wheel bearings,bottom bracket, headset, and pedals
  • Frame fully stripped and components cleaned with biodegradable degreaser
  • Bike reassembled and tuned. Chain, tires gears, and handlebar tape replaced when needed.

Can I get a simple tune-up for a lower price?

Simple tune-ups keep your bike rolling and shifting well, but if you only get into the deeper stuff once something goes wrong it tends to be expensive and sometimes catastrophic. By doing teardown services we are able to address all of these issues very early on and keep your bike trouble free for years. It's how we treat our own bikes, and how we want you to experience your bike as well.

  • "But I just need X is fixed on my bike"
    We'll find that issue during teardown and address it. We will return your bike as if it were fresh off the shop floor
  • "Can you install X on my bike?"
    We are happy to install anything on your bike that you provide us. Cards in the spokes cost extra though.
  • "I have more than one bike..."
    Good, we think everyone should have more than one bike. We service road, cross, and mountain bikes.

Our Pricing is simple

Straight forward, flat service pricing.


PER service
Bike pickup and drop off
1 full service
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PER MONTH, paid annually
Bike pickup and drop off
1 full service per quarter
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PER MONTH, paid annually
Everything in the Ronde
Priority Scheduling
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24/7 Chat Support

Our chat feature allows you to hop on and ask us quick questions. We've learned that often times a customer would bring their bike int o the shop to get fixed when it was something they could quickly and easily fix on their own. We don't want to make you do the hard work, but if it's something easy we would love to walk you through it.

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